Best practices when submitting an entry


This guide is intended to help you navigate the entry process to ensure that you have the best chance of being accepted as a nominee, and hopefully win an award. This guide contains tips on the type of material to submit, as well as the technical aspects of entering.

Please remember that you must, in no way, misrepresent your establishment. Do not hide factors that might damage your reputation in future. Instead, delay your entry until next year or until you have resolved the issue.

Keep your information truthful, while accentuating your positive attributes.

Start by gathering information that will enhance your entry, and highlight the factors that make you worthy of an award.

Remember that all entries are submitted online, and therefore all documents and pictures submitted must be in electronic format.

For the entry/nomination itself, you will need all the normal information, including the name of the establishment, address, website address, social media links, as well as material that will support your entry.

Pictures to accompany your entry

For the page on our website dedicated to your establishment, you will need pictures in electronic format to represent:

  • Your logo.
  • An image that best represents your establishment.
  • Images that show various features of your establishment, such as the inside of the rooms, surrounding area, pool, etc.

Please try to keep the size of pictures below 1 MB.

More Information about your establishment

This section is very important because it will give insight into the establishment, to people browsing the entries, as well as the judges, who will be tasked with evaluating your establishment. The more detail here, the better.

Social Media Links

These links are becoming ever more important, so add as many as you have.

Documents that will support your submission (optional)

This is the “behind the scenes” part that will only be visible to the judges. It must include material that will support your chances of winning an award.

During your entry process, you will be asked to choose awards that you think your establishment is competitively positioned to win. These documents will help you do well in these categories.

Try to keep the number of documents you submit to a minimum.

If possible, copy and paste information in a Microsoft Word document, with all the links to sources that support your entry, as well as pictures.

The fewer the documents, the easier your entry will be. Please try to keep the size of the documents as small as possible.

Type of electronic material that will support your entry, and eventually your success:

  • A Microsoft Word document with links to online resources that show you in a favourable light. For instance, links to articles and review sites.
  • This MS Word document can also contain text, articles, pictures and other sources that support your entry and your chances of winning.
  • Images of your establishment that show the property in the best light.
  • An information booklet.
  • Any other information that supports your entry.

NB: When uploading documents, it is best to add one document at a time. This practice makes it easier to remove documents one-by-one afterwards. If documents are all chosen at the same time, when you want to remove one, you will remove all of them. Just start over if this happens.


Choose up to three of these broad categories that best describe your establishment. You can easily remove categories to choose the most fitting.

Choose one category at a time, and then add another. You do not have to choose three.


These categories are much more specific, and are divided into bigger categories to help you choose. You do not have to choose three.

Final detail

Right at the end:

  • Add your email address.

  • Add the Username you would like to have when logging into your account, for example BandB99, etc.

  • Tick the box to indicate that you agree to the T&Cs.

  • Click “Save and Preview”.

You are done!

Remember that you can login and edit your submission afterwards if you forget something. After submitting the entry, you will receive an email with your login details.


If you entry was successfully submitted, you will get the message, “Your entry is pending review. You will be contacted soon”.

You also have the option to edit you entry if you want to change any of the detail in future, by clicking on the “Edit” button on the bottom right hand side.

There is an error?

You might get this error shown on the right hand side.

Go through your submission and see if you left out any information, and add it before you resubmit.

If for some reason you do not have a website address, or any of the other required information, just fill in something for now. For instance for the website, fill in www.website.com to act as a placeholder.

You will hear from us within a few days.

The administration personnel will evaluate your entry, and either ask for more information, or let you know whether or not your submission was successful.

Be patient, it may take a few working days to process your entry, but if you really cannot wait any longer, you are welcome to contact Sanet van Heerden at [email protected], if you have any queries.

My entry was approved, what now?

You will receive an email advising you that your nomination was successful. At this point it will be necessary to pay the administration fee. The email will provide instructions on how to do this.

If you nomination was successful, please click on the link provided in the email. This should open a website in your browser, where you can make payment.

You should get the message, “Your participation is pending payment. Please proceed by clicking on the “Pay and Publish” button on the right-hand side of your screen”.

Click on the “Pay and Publish” button the make payment via Payfast.

If you have trouble opening the webpage to see the payment link, please follow the instructions below.

The website does not allow me to make payment, I cannot log in?

Normally if you use the same browser that you made the nomination/entry form, you will be logged in automatically when you receive the link to pay the administration fee. You are then able to pay by clicking the link in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Things to do:

  • Make sure you open the link in the same browser you submitted the entry/nomination. Sometimes the browser you use is not your email client’s default browser that it uses to open links.

  • If that does not work, search for the username and password you received when you registered.

  • Search for your username and password amongst your emails in your inbox, by searching for the terms “Top Travel username”.

If you have any other problems, or cannot fix the issue, please consult this page.

If you have any problems, you are welcome to contact Sanet van Heerden at [email protected] with queries.

We paid for our participation, so what do I do now?

The first thing to do is shout it from the roof tops.

The purpose of this event is to provide deserving entrants with tools to market their establishments.

The goal is to reach out to current and future guests on all electronic platforms, to advertise your current nominee status, and to show the world that you are confident in your abilities.

By reaching as many people as possible, you will have material to show your nominee status. When you eventually win an award, you will have an even higher achievement to use as a marketing tool.

For more tips on how to use the artwork to maximise your exposure, visit the FAQs page here.

For tips on how to use the actual artwork, visit the “Using the Artwork” page.

For tips on how to edit the artwork yourself, visit the  “You, the graphic artist” page. You will find these tips useful if you do not have access to a graphic artist.

If you have any problems you are welcome to contact Sanet van Heerden at [email protected] with queries.