Bitty Terblanche from Scott's manor gives some great insight into running a wedding and conference venue.

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Q. Please tell us about yourself, and how you decided to acquire Scott’s Manor.

A. It has always been my dream to work in hospitality, but 40 years ago my father said he forbids me to go to hotel school.

I then became a pharmacist, but my dream of owning a guesthouse/hotel never went away. In 1997, I finally got the opportunity to make my dream a reality when the house that is now Scott’s manor, was for sale.

I immediately contacted the owner, and my friend Burger’s question, “where will you get the money from, fell on deaf ears. I had eight-year-old twins and a girl of five, but I just shut my eyes and pushed through.

I sold my car, turned all my policies into cash, and put all the money I owned together. Then I went to see the bank manager for a loan.

I got the loan, but the only thing that pushed it through, and made the bank manager say yes was my bountiful enthusiasm.

From day one, with help from above, we managed the property according to a recipe that stood the test of time. The three ladies that I started with still work for me today.

What was the vision for Scott’s Manor, and how was this achieved?

 A. My dream was to have a few rooms, to serve breakfast and sometimes dinner. Never would I have thought that we would be that successful.

With hard work, we transformed the venue to accommodate conferences and weddings in two rooms that can accommodate 33 and 180 people respectively. We have 33 guest rooms that can accommodate 70 guests in total.

I always said you have to sell that “something”, which no guest can get at home. By walking the extra mile for guests, and focussing on attention to detail, we make Scott’s manor unique. Little things like soft music that enhance the mood, the best service and good food go a long way to having satisfied guests.

Q. In what way do you try to make each conference that you host different?

A.We host conferences where clients drive as far as Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, and because we can accommodate 70 guests that share in our guest rooms, we are the ideal venue for conferences and team building.

Our professional approach, and timeliness when hosting conferences make us stand out. We have all-round free Wi-Fi, and one of the best sound systems in the business.

We also have the option to host wireless presentations, where presentations are displayed on the laptops of all the guests attending. Our food and snacks during breaks are also very popular.

Q. What is your approach to marketing?

A. Service, service, service. The best marketing is a satisfied guest when they leave. We are also very active on Facebook and Instagram.

Q. What awards have you won in the past?

We have won numerous awards.

Top Travel Awards Gold 2021

LTG Arica&Middle east AWARDS 2019 Winner Luxury apartments 2019

LTG Arica&Middle east AWARDS 2019 Winner Luxury apartments 2018

AA Travel Guides Accommodation awards runner up for many years

20 years Accommodation Awards-2014 consistent ACHIEVER

Northwest Tourism board Hartsmeander award 2011

AA Travel Guides Accommodation Awards WINNER 2010


Basic contact information:

Contact: Bitty Terblanche

E-mail address: [email protected]

Website: https://www.scottsmanor.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scottsmanorguesthouse

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scottsmanorboutiquehotel/