Everybody knows how to post on Facebook, but there are some extra steps you can take to gain more followers while engaging your current followers.

Don’t just talk about yourself

People want to be entertained, and just talking about how nice your tail feathers are, gets a bit old. Create content that people would want to engage with and comment on.

Pay attention to your About section

You can answer a lot of questions people might have in your about section. It is easier for people to look for another place than to contact you, so make sure they get their answers and decide that they want to go with you.

Update this section when anything changes to make sure prices and information is correct. For more information read this article.

Create tabs that are particular to your property

Creating tabs that suit your particular business is very easy, and sets you apart from other properties. If you can offer surprise wedding proposals at your venue, have a tab that reflects sparkling wine choices, photographers you can organise, choirs or violin players.

To add tabs go to your page, then go to “Templates and Tricks”. For more information read this article.

Engage with your audience

Some ways you can create interaction with your audience

Create a pole

Post a quote and ask for people’s opinion.

Ask people to post their favourite winery in the region, and why they think so.

Ask your audience what their favourite activity in the region is.

Respond to your audience’s responses, even if it is just liking it.

Don’t know what to post, but today is “Baked Scallops day!”.

Go to Day of the Year.com to see what obscure event is being celebrated that day or week.

  • 9 Feb – National Pizza day
  • April – National pet Month
  • 11 May – Eat what you want day
  • 29 May –  National Biscuit day
  • 7 July –  World Chocolate day
  • 18 July – Worldwide Caviar day
  • 19 August – World photo day
  • 16 September  – National Spa week
  • 24 September – National braai day
  • 15 October  – Champagne day
  • 3 November  – National Sandwich day
  • Wednesday – Hump day, Wine Wednesday every week
  • Thursday – Throwback Thursday
  • Friday –  TGIF day

Experiment with video

Video content is many times more engaging than photos, but keep it classy. It is quite difficult to edit video, so make sure your video quality is on par with that of your pictures.

To find free stock video footage try Pexels and Pixabay. Although 85% of people, watch videos without sound, find yourself a soundtrack here. Direct your own video by putting together everything in Kapwing.

Use Emojis, but use them sparingly

Emojis in the right quantity and place does not detract from your image. Just do not overdo it.🥂

For a guide on how to use emojis follow this guide.

Share content that was shared by followers

Content shared by followers adds credibility to your brand, as it comes from a neutral party. Just remember to ask permission before you share content.

Share content created by others

If posts are relevant and of good quality, by all means, share posts created by others. This often created goodwill on the side of the party you are sharing the content from, and it means it is something you do not have to create.

Talk about your impact beyond business

People love people who are involved in the community, people who help non-profit organisations raise money, who uplift the local community, people who collect blankets and food for the less fortunate and support animal causes. All this shows that you care beyond the normal borders of your business, and makes people apathetic. Show how you are recycling, saving water or rescued a dove from the claws of your own cat.

Post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time

If you have very visually pleasing posts, post them to both Facebook and Instagram either individually, or using tools such as Buffer.


Humanise your property, while showing beautiful pictures and engaging people. You will be making friends for life.