An overview of the artwork provided - with some examples

The purpose of the “digital award artwork kit” provided to participants is to maximise their ability to shout their achievement from the roof tops.

The basic contents of the “digital award artwork kit” can be summed up as follows:

  1. Award logos, including the year, and status. These can be used in social media and on websites.
  2. “Review us” action buttons and banners of various sizes and colours to be used in social media and on websites.
  3. Email signature add-ons to declare your status and to encourage people to submit reviews.
  4. Social media templates where you can add pictures of your establishment to promote your status.

Please be aware that all artwork can be used interchangeably, and use is only limited by your imagination.

Insignia bearing your achievement

These insignia come both light and dark formats, and in both large and small formats to be used underneath email signatures, on social media platforms, in all digital artwork featuring the establishment as well as on websites.

Examples of use

Review us Insignia

These insignia can be used in combination with a URL link to encourage people to review your establishment. This can be used in normal emails, newsletters, on social media, as well as in printed media.

Display banners

These banners can be used together with photos of your property on social media, in newsletters, on your website and in printed form to remind customers to review your establishment.


Suggestions on how to use the artwork.

Email Templates

These templates can be used, together with photos of your property, to remind people to review your establishment. As a winner, your will be able to use these templates to promote your winning achievements.

Social Media Templates

These templates come in three different sizes, and you can easily add your own photos to remind everybody of your achievement.

The email signature banner

The email signature banner can be placed beneath your email signature to let the world know of your achievement. Even if you do not win an award, the fact that you were a nominee counts for a lot, and you can use this signature, in combination with the year of the achievement, for as long as you like.

These banners are provided in both dark and light versions to suit different preferences.


Digital certificate

Digital certificate

This certificate can be used on social media, on your website and can be printed and displayed at your reception desk.

On Facebook


Some forms of marketing considered next “next level”:

  • Projecting the awards logo and achievement on the side of a building by night.
  • Adding the logos to billboards, banners and posters.
  • Branding of company vehicles to include logos and the award achieved.
  • Adding the logo and branding to business cards.
  • Adding artwork to bottled water packaging.
  • Adding artwork the packaging of your house wine.