Manipulating the image artwork

A guide to editing/changing the artwork

To promote your achievement, initially as a nominee and eventually as a winner, numerous pieces of image artwork are provided to spread the good word out.

Most of the artwork can be used as-is, while some should be forwarded to a graphic artist or website developer. If you have a basic knowledge of graphic software, you may be able to edit the artwork yourself. If you do not have the budget for a graphic artist, do not despair, we will provide a few tutorials to assist you to make use of the artwork.

The following instructions, guides and tutorials are for those who would prefer to do their own graphic editing due to personal preference or to save the cost. All you need is a few lunch breaks and the use of a computer.

We will describe five ways to edit your artwork. You can then choose the method that you prefer.

The methods:


You may not be aware that this software, which many believe is used mainly in the corporate world, can easily create collages. PowerPoint is extremely user friendly and useful.

To learn more. go here.

Paint 3D:

A free program from Microsoft that you can use to resize and crop images. It is also a very quick photo viewer.

To learn more about how to use it go here.


Paint 3 D is preferred software, but IrfanView is also a good option if you are not comfortable with Paint 3D. IrfanView is a free program that you can use to resize and crop images. It is also a very quick photo viewer.

To learn how to use IrfanView, click  here.


This easy-to-use software can be used to make collages. If you register as a user of this software, Kapwing does not leave a watermark, and is very easy to master.

Kapwing also makes easy-to-use online software tools to do animations, edit videos and photos, and lots of other crazy things you thought were beyond your capability.

To learn more, click here.


This is another online service to help you create collages. It is super-easy to use and does not create a watermark. To learn more, click here.

Powerpoint - yes you cannot escape it!

There are numerous templates provided in the “digital award artwork kit” that you will be provided with when you participate. With these Microsoft PowerPoint templates you can add a picture, or pictures to a template with logos.

Follow the guide below, but if you need more visual guidance, the video here, shows most of the principles involved.

Let’s start with a social media template. We’ll add two pictures, side by side.

You must have these two pictures ready somewhere on your computer, and it is always better if they are too big, rather than too small.

With PowerPoint, after you have opened the template, you can paste pictures and then resize them by dragging them until they fit.

Let’s start. Open MS PowerPoint and open the template in the “7 Social Media Templates” folder, in the 1080 x 1080 px folder (the PowerPoint templates folder). An example is the template named “Social Media Template 1080 x 1080 no 2.pptx”. In Windows File Explorer you can preview files by clicking “Large Icons” under the “View” section at the top left.

After opening the template, go to the top toolbar and click:

Insert–>Pictures–>This Device or similar, depending on your version of PowerPoint.

Navigate to the folder on your computer that contains the pictures. Click on the picture you want and click “Open”.


You can move the picture around by clicking and dragging it.

You can also drag the photo at the corners to increase the size. Do not worry if part of the picture extends past the side, it will not be included.

To add another picture, repeat the insert process.

Insert–>Pictures–> This device

After inserting the picture, drag it into position and resize it by stretching the corners.

To save (export) the picture, go File–> Save as–> Browse–> Save, and select the File Type: JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg). Then give the file a name and click “Save”.

Selecting the file type, “Save as type JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)” is very important.

If PowerPoint asks you which slides to export, choose “Just This One”.

The result is a pretty collage of the template, and your two pictures. You can merge more than one picture if you want.

The artwork below was created using MS PowerPoint

Paint 3D - Free software from Microsoft

Paint 3D – Free software from Microsoft

Paint 3D is free software that most people will have on their computer, but might not even realise it. In Windows 10, click on the Windows icon on the bottom left-hand side of your computer screen, and type Paint 3D. The program should appear.

For a full video tutorial, click here, otherwise see if this brief section below meets your needs.

If you do not have Paint 3D, you can download it here.

Open Paint 3D. Click “Menu”, then click “Browse files”.

Navigate to the picture and click “Open”.

To resize, click “Canvas” on the top menu, and then adjust the width or height on the right. If you do not know the size you need, guess and halve it. After entering the width and length, push the “Tab” key, and the image will be resized according to the values you have entered.

To save the file, click “Menu” at the top left, and save the file (“Save as”) as an image.

To cut out part of an image (Crop), first open the image. To do this, click “Menu” at the top left-hand side, then click “Open” and then “Browse files”.

After the image has loaded, click on the part of the image you want to cut out, and drag the cursor while holding down the left mouse button. If the selected part is not correct, release the mouse, and repeat the process, starting somewhere else on the image.

Then click “Crop” on the top left-hand side.

To save the area that you cut out as a separate file, click “Menu” on the top left-hand side, then “Save as”, then “Image”. Select the folder, enter the new file name, and click “Save”.

Irfanview - free software

IrfanView is useful if you need to resize, crop (trim the sides of an image) and view images.

Follow the guide below, but if you need more help you can view this video tutorial.


Download Irfanview here.

Click the green button to download the installation program, iview457_setup.exe.

Find the file (normally in the Downloads folder). Double click the file name to start the installation. Click, “Install” and then click “Next” and “Yes”.

Once it is installed, find the file you want to edit/resize, right click it, and open it with IrfanView.

IrfanView will open and load the image.

Let’s assume you want to make the picture smaller.

On the top menu, click Image–>Resize/Resample…

Change the value of the Width, perhaps halve it? After entering the first value (width or length), press the Tab key on your keyboard, and click “OK”.

This picture is now adjusted. Save the picture by going to the toolbar and click “File–> Save as”, or just press “S” on your keyboard. Give it a name. Done!


Cropping a picture

Open the picture in Irfanview.

Click and drag the mouse pointer to form a rectangle or area you want to keep.

Once the area has been selected, click “Edit–>Crop Selection” (Cut out).

Then save the file through File–> Save as, or the shortcut “S” on the keyboard. Voila!


IrfanView can do much, much more, but these two functions will usually satisfy 95% of your needs.


Kapwing - pronounced the way you would when revealing a magic trick, Kapwing!

Kapwing is free online software for people who have difficulty operating a toaster.

Follow the steps below, but if something is not clear, this video explains some of the principles.

If you do not register as a Kapwing user, the program will add a small watermark that most people will not recognise. You can register at no cost.


Please do not blame us if you get hooked on Kapwing. The only frustrating thing with the free version, besides the small watermark if you do not register, is that you cannot save your creations for long, but they are so easy to create, by that time you will probably want to change the picture, anyway.

Kapwing requires you to subscribe or login through social media, but they don’t seem to bother you afterwards.

We will use Kapwing to make collages, which basically means a picture created by combining other pictures. We will start with a base picture and then add other pictures on top by dragging them around until we are pleased with the result. You then save the picture.

Ok lets go to the Kapwing tool here.

The link is https://www.kapwing.com/studio/editor

Click the blue/lilac “Start with a blank canvas” image.

We will now open the template. To do this, click “Images” at the top of the screen.

Go to Upload, then Click to upload

Click on the JPEG or PNG file of the template that you need to open in the “Digital award artwork kit” you were provided with. For instance, select the file, “1080px X 1080px.jpg” in the folder, “7 Social Media templates–>1080 1080 px –>High resolution Templates–>”.

You can now add pictures to this one by repeating the process (Images–> Upload–>), and then dragging the pictures around to create the one you want.

When you are done, click the red “Export Image” button at the top right. The download may take a while.

Then click “Download”. The newly-created picture will be downloaded to your computer.

The picture below is an example that shows the watermark at the bottom right-hand corner.

If you would like further instructions, or if you would like to see this software in action, this video shows most of the principles involved.

Click here if you would like to see all the other useful tools that Kapwing offers. Just don’t say we told you.

Image Online.co

Image Online is a free, easy-to-use tool to make collages.

To use this software, click here to visit the website. The URL is https://overlay.imageonline.co/

Click “Select image”.

Open your base image.

Click on the JPEG or PNG template file that you need to open. This will be in the “digital award artwork kit” that you were provided with. For instance, click the file “1080px X 1080px.jpg” in the folder, “7 Social Media templates”–>1080 1080 px –>High resolution Templates–>

Scroll down and open the next image you want to place on top by clicking on the purple “Add overlay image”.

Drag the picture around until you are satisfied. You can then can add another picture by clicking on “Add overlay Image”.

The picture sometimes appears very small at the top right-hand side, and then you can position it and change the size by dragging the handles on the sides and corners.

When you are done, click “Download – png “or “Download – jpg” to save the file.